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DateRegionJob Title
08/02/2018 Sheffield Prom photographer
27/01/2018 Birmingham Sport photographer
17/01/2018 Colchester Wedding photographer
17/01/2018 Glasgow Architectural photographer
15/01/2018 Brighton Wedding photographer
14/01/2018 Southampton Baby photographer
12/01/2018 Sunderland Wedding photographer
11/01/2018 East-London Advertising photographer
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If you are trying to find wedding photographers in the UK for a special project then this is the website for you! Here you will find a number of professional and affordable wedding photographers located all over the country who can help you with all of your photography needs. All you need to do is post the details of your job then choose the person you feel is best suited! It is completely free to use this service, just make sure that you list your estimated budget and start date along with the region the project is based. You can then receive and compare quotes and ask any questions you may have via the site for a simple and secure way of finding the right photographer.

If you are a local photographer looking for work then you can also create a profile and include samples of your work to help people see what you are capable of and the areas that you specialise in. Wedding photographers (and other photographers) in the UK can enjoy a new way to find work with no lead fees or commission fees. Photographers can select unlimited categories as well as an unlimited number of regions, submit unlimited quotes and work samples. You will also receive job alerts which will be just for the specific categories, such as wedding photographers, you have chosen so you will not waste your time reading non-relevant job posts.