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We were on a tight budget. My partner and I had searched the net and contacted the photographers directly but the prices were way over our budget! I placed my details on photographer4me and received a quote the next day. I was very happy with the quote saving me a tremendous amount.
Suzanna, London

More about Aerial Photographer

Aerial photographers take their photographs from a plane or helicopter or somewhere they can gain a good aerial view of the subject. This type of photograph can be taken for a number of reasons and can provide information for landowners as well as to developers, real estate companies and government agencies. It is often the case that aerial photographers will become involved in projects to help assist with survey work, planning new roads and bridges. It is important that anyone wishing to undertake this type of work is comfortable flying and being high up. You will also need to be aware of the variety of weather conditions and be able to monitor and judge these to enable you to take the best pictures.

Finding aerial photographers that are professional and capable of great work does not need to be hard anymore. If you have a project coming up and you would like to find a photographer you can simply fill in a short form with the details of the job, your location and your budget. You will then receive quotes from local photographers in your area for you to select the right candidate.