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We were on a tight budget. My partner and I had searched the net and contacted the photographers directly but the prices were way over our budget! I placed my details on photographer4me and received a quote the next day. I was very happy with the quote saving me a tremendous amount.
Suzanna, London

More about Landscape Photographer

Landscape photography is generally considered to be photographs of the landscape alone without people or animals. These photographs are often required by travel companies, environmental companies as well as national parks to help advertise. They may also be published in magazines and publications such as National Geographic or used as art work in their own right. Landscape photography is often perceived to be an easy subject but this is not necessarily the case. It can be incredibly hard to capture the true beauty of a landscape or to get the lighting just right. If taken badly it can make even the most inspiring scene seem dull. Therefore landscape photographers must have a good eye for detail, lighting and perspective to create an outstanding picture. There are many competitions that look for the landscape photographer of the year since this is such a specialised and competitive field.

If you are a service buyer and have a project that you need a landscape photographer then you can post your job to the site quickly and simply for free. Just include your budget and a start date and photographers in your area can then apply. All you need to do then is decide who you feel is most suited to your landscape photography job.