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I didn’t have much time to find a photographer and I was wasting so much time searching the internet. There were so many I didn’t know were to start. Luckily one of my friends recommended me photographer4me. I put my details and I received quotes the very same day. Saved me so much time. Thanks.
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More about Pet Photographer

Pet photography has really taken off over the last few years with more and more people wishing to have their beloved pet captured on film. It is important that a pet photographer enjoys working with animals and understands their behaviour in order to get the best photograph possible. Often a pet photographer will need to interact with the animal and it is not as simple as pointing and clicking. They may need to get down to the level of the animal in order to capture the pet’s personality. For this reason it is important to be very patient and to accept that getting the right shot may take time since the animal may move and blur the photo. Pet photographers may have their own studio to take photos in or they may travel to the owner’s home or nearest park instead.